OPS products monitor the load factor of a vehicle on all 4 corners of the vehicle. The load factor is presented with a accuracy of approximately 1-3 % where generally accepted monitoring systems produce accuracy levels of ≥ 5%.

The use of OPS products gives a higher system accuracy and the driver will be informed when he reaches the maximum allowed axle loads.

Installation is simple and after calibration the system will start automatically. The load factor is always visible when loading or unloading, when driving the vehicle or standing still. The measurements can not be influenced by the driver.

The system makes it easy for the driver and/or operator to keep the vehicle within the loading limits. Assuring maximum vehicle drivability and safety for all road users.


Light commercial vehicles with a GVW of 1,5 to 7,5 tons. Such as delivery vans, service trucks or people carriers.


Does not require alterations of the chassis. No drilling, cutting or welding necessary.


The system is calibrated and any deviation caused by the suspension system is eliminated.


The driver and/or operator can check the load state of the vehicle at a glance.


Our systems make it possible to view the axle loads and GVW of the vehicle in the cockpit and/or the load compartment.


The system can be connected with existing fleet management systems.